Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gaining Exposure as a At-Large Delegate

Trying to gain exposure as a At-Large Delegate can a be a very difficult task, However using your resources is a must. What you are looking for may be right under your nose. If your personal resources are limited.... Create them! Networking and promoting yourself as much as your platform should be first on your list! It is so important that it needs to be mentioned again... NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! Always keep your crown and sash with you, you may never know who will meet!
Another great method of gaining exposure, would be to contact a local journalist for your hometown and/or University newspaper. Send an email informing them of your title, your platform and your request of support from your hometown community or School. Let them know that you are open to make appearances at Grand Openings, Assemblies, Youth Group Meetings, Special Events etc. Be sure to attach a photograph of yourself with your crown and sash, while also leaving your contact information as well! Many times this will result in a personal interview whether over the phone or in person with newspaper editors.

Fun Snapshots of the Queens

(Left-Right) Miss Black California Kimberly Brown,Miss Black Alabama Andretta Rhone,Miss Black Texas Kalaiah Vaughn,Miss Black Oklahoma Brittany Carradine
The Fabulous Four In Las Vegas, Nevada during the National Competition

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to the MBUSA Family

Newly Crowned Queens in the Talented Teen Division

Miss Black Georgia Talented Teen USA 2009 Tierra Baker

Miss Black Ohio Talented Teen USA 2009 Cherelle Hines
Welcome to the Family Ladies, Have a wonderful time at Nationals next summer!

2009 State Queens

2009 Miss Black USA Delegates

Miss Black Mississippi USA 2009 Alicia Lewis

Miss Black Ohio USA 2009 Whitney Gaskins

Miss Black Tennessee USA 2009 Daunisha Mathews

Miss Black USA Pageant Blogspot.com has reserved this space to welcome the 2009 Delegates to the Miss Black USA Family. Best Wishes in the 2009 National Pageant , Continue to let your light shine.

As Delegates are crowned , they will also be added to the Miss Black USA Forum

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Queen Beauty Secrets Revealed (3)

Flawless Skin in an Instant!!!
If you are anything like the average young women, you may imperfect skin, discoloration, fades,scars or maybe even stretch marks. If so Sally Hansen as created a product for every queen to rave about. Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Spray can give your legs a sheer coverage that will make your competition want to know your secret (That is .. Is if they are not already using it themselves!) .No more stockings, no more blemishes or embarrassing marks! Get your hands on this bottled miracle and say hello to a new confidence! Even if you feel your skin is great as it is, Try this product at home before your big pageant day and see does it not give you a perfect glow. The Sally Hansen Airbrush is available in a range of four shades, Light Glow, Medium Glow, Tan Glow, and Deep Glow. Tan and Deep Glow are recommended for gorgeous African American Ladies. Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Spray is a must have in every makeup bag this pageant season!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to the MBUSA Family!

Miss Black USA Talented Teen Competition

For the first time in History, MBUSA will host the Talented Teen Competition along the Miss Black USA Pageant. These Beautiful teens are between the ages of 13-17, are talented, smart and beautiful inside and out. If your state delegate has not been chosen and you are interested in representing your state in the talented teen competition, visit the the Miss Black USA Pageant official website and apply now! The winner of the the Talented Teen Competition will be awarded a $5,000.00 Cash Scholarship!!!

Welcome the wonderful new additions to the Miss Black USA family....

Photobucket Photobucket
Martina Evans (right) , Katrina Akridge (left)
Talented Teen NC, Talented Teen MN

Photobucket Photobucket

Brittany Williams(right), Andrea Pugh (left),
Talented Teen CA, Talented Teen MI
Photobucket Photobucket
Jazmin Tyson (left)Dymound Hayes (right)
Talent Teen NJ(Left) Talented Teen MO (right)
Jasmine Flowers (right)
Talented Teen OK

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Watch out World!!!!

Miss Black California 2008 Kimberly Brown
Looks Gorgeous in her Beyonce Inspired Photo shoot,
In a Jovani Gown that appears as if it were created for Miss Kim Alone!
Kimberly is currently in a Modeling contest for Karl Kani Ladies website. Please take a moment and VOTE for our very own Miss Black California 2008! Visit http://www.kani-ladies.com/ NOW!
Just head over to www.kani-ladies. com Click on the link at the top right hand corner of the page that says... Become the New Face of Kani Ladies. From there click on the link at the bottom right hand corner that says "TOP 20"...You can just scroll down and you'll see Miss Kimberly!!!!! Most Important click...VOTE!

A Queen's Beauty Secrets Revealed (2)

Have you ever wondered how you can securely strut your stuff across the stage, during fitness/swimwear competition without worrying about that bikini bottom rising? Well here is the answer! Every Queen (past present and future) must know about Body adhesive whether it is tape or glue... It is imperative that it works!
When your time comes to capture the judges and the crowd let your apparel compliment you with no worries by using It Stays! Roll on Body Glue or Hollywood Body tape. Both can be found online for less than $10.00!

Famous Snapshots with a Queen (2)

R&B Singer J.Holiday and Miss Black USA 2008 Kristen E. White
(All that matters in this photograph is that Kristen looks FABULOUS! :)

Famous Snapshots with a Queen (1)

Exclusive Photos of Miss Black USA Delegates and well-known figures form across the Nation!


Friday's Comedian "Pops" aka John Weatherspoon with Miss Black Michigan 2008 Kyona Cook

A Queen's Beauty Secrets Revealed ! (1)

The Better Boob Job : )

For those of us who were not blessed with a large bust line, here is God's gift to that woman who does not want plastic surgery but would still enjoy filling her evening gown or Swim suit top!
An unknown angel, invented silicone inserts that are able to transform the most flat chest woman into a attractive eye catching lady! By simply placing the silicone inserts into the bra cup, the breast are given a immediate lift! Take Out inserts can increase the bust line TWO cup sizes in a matter of moments! The best part of all, compared to plastic surgery the silicone inserts are dirt cheap! Shoppers can find the Take Out Brand on Amazon for merely $15.90!
Some inserts can be a little more pricey,at $68.00 a pair
Take Out silicone inserts will enhance your bust line in any evening gown, and grants you the extra filling one may need in a swimwear/fitness competition. Both have a no slip grip on inside of the inserts, Therefore no worries of one slipping down to the floor during your sophisticated evening gown walk. Despite the no slip grip, Cartwheels, Jumping jacks or Roller coaster rides are still NOT advised while wearing the silicone inserts. Simply, a reccommended pageant plus!

State Pageant Dates

Its Pageant Season!!!!!
Get your Vaseline, Stilettos, and Perfect Smiles Out!
Here is a list of the upcoming Miss Black USA State Pageants!
Miss Black Iowa November 2nd 2008
Miss Black Georgia November 15th 2008
Miss Black Texas November 16th 2008
Miss Black Arizona November 22nd 2008
Miss Black Virginia November 29th 2008