Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Festival with Miss Black Alabama 2008

On October 30th our very own Andretta Rhone, is hosting a fall festival for the children in her community!! There will be several games to keep the tots busy, from soda ring toss, to a three legged race!!!! With such a exciting event on the horizon she is requesting every one's help to make this event a success! Miss Black Alabama is in need of glitter, markers, soda, small toys for prizes, plates etc. If you are unable to help Miss Rhone obtain these items, you may also send Andrette a monetary contribution to help her gain the tangible items needed for the Fall Festival! Donations can be sent to the address below.

Miss Black Alabama Andretta Rhone

P.O.Box 133

Normal, Alabama 35762

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kristen on Tyler Perry's House of Payne

The most inspiring Rags to Riches story behind Tyler Perry's life has not only been a blessing to every person who has seen his movies, but also in the homes of every person who has watched " House of Payne of the small screen. Now we will be blessed with the best of both worlds by having our very own Miss Black USA 2008 Kristen E. White on the best show since Sister-Sister and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!! : ) Kristen taped her role on the television show just days ago on October 20th. It would be wise to bank on this episode being the most watch of all time!!! Kristen is one of the most talented young women in the world! Don't be surprised if she is the next BIG artist out of Atlanta, Georgia singing notes next to those of the early 90's Whitney Houston !! Now she is blessed to also expose her talent of acting ... Ciara, Beyonce.. Watch out, Miss Black USA is on her way!!!!

Tyler Perry, became a supporter of the Miss Black USA organization during the 2008 pageant, and offered a walk on role on his Hit television show to the winner of last years competition. It would be inconsiderate not to thank Mr. Perry for this opportunity. Tyler Perry's life, movies, and now television show has contributed to countless laughs, and house hold jokes around the world. Words cannot express the gratefulness the Miss Black USA organization has obtained by Mr. Tyler Perry allowing our reigning Queen to play a role in his television show! May God continue to bless Kristen in her career long beyond her role on the show. May God continue to bless Tyler Perry in each of his endeavors and continue to use him to bless the world with healing laughter.

Once the date of airing is released it will immediately be reveled here on the blogspot to ensure every supporter of the Miss Black USA organization will be near a television anxiously awaiting our reigning queen to grace the small screen!!

November brings NEW President and New Queens!

While the entire nation is obsessed with the 2008 Presidential election, not only will America be blessed with a new President in November, We will also be blessed to have several new young African American women added to the Miss Black USA family. Many of our current Queens will be passing on their beautiful crowns to the next deserving young lady of their state!!!! While we are all excited about this year's Presidential election we are even more excited to welcome the next queens to the family. Miss Black Texas, Miss Black Iowa, and our lovely Miss Black Georgia ( our reigning Miss Black USA ) have served our communities, our states and our nation beautifully and proudly during their reign. All of us in the MBUSA organization are certain, who ever the next talented young lady is to receive each crown will carry on the tradition of leadership, community service and beauty. Be sure to check back frequently to view the winner of each state pageant. Good to all the contestants!!!!!

Evette Fantroy Iowa, Kristen E.White, GA (USA), and Kaliah Vaughn Texas, are among some of the queens that will pass on the CROWN to our 2009 State queen(s) of their respected states! Ladies you have represented your state better than anyone could have expected, now it is almost time to help the next queen do the same in a bigger, and better way anyone could expect yet again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great networking websites

As a At-Large delegate, and even a state pageant winner, a fantastic website to promote your platform while reaching the Miss Black USA target age group would be Myspace.com! Creating a account, will grant you the opportunity to network with many other pageant queens, pageant coaches, not to mention thousands of other connections The best part of all this option is open to you for the lowest cost available.... FREE!!! Here you can upload pictures of yourself at appearances and meet other delegates that have competed in the Miss Black USA pageant, in addition to the beautiful delegates that will be competing with you!

Another great website would be Facebook.com. On this site you will be able to create a support group of all your friends, family, and sponsors and within this group you will be able to update the members of your latest activities as the queen of your state. You may easily send a message to each and every member of your support group my a few simple clicks of the mouse! These types of group can contribute tremendous encouragement and inspiration while you try to fulfill the dream of becoming the next Miss Black USA!!!! On both websites be sure to add your current Queen Kristen White as a friend, surely it would be beneficial!

Using free websites and networks will always help due to the fact that its a great way to promote yourself, and platform while exposing the Miss Black USA Pageant to even more potential future delegates. Take advantage of these networks!! Take advantage as of these sites as a measure to save money while making major connections!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Civil War Actor, and our Modern Day Queen

The lovely Miss Black District of Columbia USA 2008 Amanda Lewis and a Civil War impersonator of Frederick Douglas at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the African American Civil War Memorial.Amanda, blessed the attendees by sharing her talent by singing Lift Every Voice and Sing at this wonderful event.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Las Vegas Prelim Talent Competition!!!

Better than American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and Comic View Combined!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gaining sponsorships as a At-Large-Delegate

The first thing to remember when trying to gain sponsorships is "NOT" to be afraid to ask. The worst thing a business or person can say is No. If that is their response... do not get discouraged, continue to ask people for their contribution to your efforts to gain a academic scholarship through the Miss Black USA Pageant.

The first companies to request a sponsorship from, would be the the businesses that you frequent and support the most. Your hair salon, your family doctor and/or dentist would also be a great places to start as well. Keep in mind that your place of employment, your parents' company in addition to locally owned businesses are wonderful ideas to begin your search for sponsorships. These companies should be happy to support a company that has supported them over the years. Try to set up a appointment (if possible) with the owner or the decision-maker for the company. Once set, prepare to explain your title, your platform, what you could win (scholarship) and what opportunities you will have as the next Miss Black USA. Inform the Manager/Owner that you need as much physical and financial support as possible to guarantee the best representative of your beautiful state during the National competition.

Make sure you wear your crown and sash to the appointment with the business owner/manager. It is also helpful to bring in writing the same information you explain in the appointment (title, platform information on MBUSA, and Sponsorship request) Just in case they are not able to give you a definite answer at that time, they will still be able to look over the information after you have returned home. Whether, the owner/manager agrees to contribute to your dream be sure to thank them for their time.

Always ask for help and contributions where needed, Always remember if you do not ask.. Someone else will. Great wishes!!!! Stay Encouraged!!

Welcome to the MBUSA Family

Welcome to the Miss Black USA Family,
Jalondra Davis Miss Black California USA 2009