Monday, November 24, 2008

New Countdown

From the Days remaining.... until the seconds!!!

The Excitement is beginning to boil over!!!

Great place to Introduce yourself to the community

Winning the crown is only the icing on the cake to the power of influence that you have gained by becoming the Queen of your state. Now that your pageant is over and you have been crowned Queen of your state it is time for you to double your community presence! By contacting your local elementary school, and speaking with the teachers/or administration there you may be invited to come read books or have lunch with the pupils of a class. Young children are easily influenced by the people they encounter in there lives especially during these tender years of there lives. Meeting the Queen of their state will be a memory each of the students carry with them for the rest of their lives. Not only will this be a moment the children jump off the school bus to run home and tell their parents about, however it will also encourage the children that their dreams may not be as far fetched as they may seem at a day and time such as now. Visiting the local school will give more exposure to the Miss Black USA organization as well as yourself. It would be a great idea to bring Comp cards with you to each place you visit, especially elementary schools, because the children are certain to desire autographs from the star that stands before them! It is almost a sure fact the children will show off your comp card to everyone in their household along with anyone they meet that day, so its ultimately a great day for the both of you!!!

Miss Black Talented Teen Texas USA 2009
Congratulations Nicole Hickl !!!
We are certain you will make your state proud!


This weekend will bring us a New Queen of Virgina!!! To all the ladies competing, Do you best, have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Best wishes to you all and keep in mind.. YOU could be our next Miss Black Virgina USA!!

Queens Queens and More Queens!!!

Now time to give Honor where honor is due! Congratulations to Brittanee Perkins our new Miss Black Arizona USA 2009!!! Best Wishes in the National competition!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Newly Crowned Queens!

Congratulations to Asari Maurice as our New Miss Black Florida USA 2009
Congratulations to Tashay Reid our very own Miss Black Georgia USA 2009

Best of wishes in the National Competition and Welcome to the Miss Black USA Family!

Miss Black Texas USA 2009

Congratulations to Andrea Hill our New Miss Black Texas USA 2009!!! Our Prayers are with you in preparations for the National Competition! We, The Miss Black USA family are certain you will make your state extremely proud!

Miss Black North Carolina USA 2009

Congratulations to Nfertiti Byrd our new Miss Black North Carolina USA 2009!!!! May you continue your success throughout Nationals this summer!

Thank you to all the Queens and Future Queens for their support since the publishing of the Miss Black USA Pageant Blog spot.

Inspiring words written by our very own...

Anita Baker once said that when she performed she became the woman she always wanted to be. Reba McIntyre said that in every great woman is an even greater woman holding the two together. I concur with both thoughts and for me that woman is K.O.K.O. Now understand, everyone has an alter-ego or a force inside them that drives them, EVERYONE... I just named mine and yes it's an acronym; but that's a different story;0). K.O.K.O. is the person that walks on a stage and is immediately at home. She can enter a room and know no stranger. She is the part of me I strive to be in all endeavors; strong, clever, resilient, fearless, resourceful, unphased, unmatched, a force of nature. As my sister would say, a true NST (no s&*t taker). In a perfect world she is who I am all the time. Truth be told she has a power that even overwhelms me at times. But with maturity comes an understanding of her prowess and an ability to guide her free-spirited willingness to live life on "10". Admittedly, some of my greatest achievements, accomplishments and experiences have come from her philosophy of leap first ask later. However, in recognizing her dominant presence, I digress to acknowledge it on occasion. Recently, I was speaking at a seminar for educational leaders and afterwards one of the attendees (whom I later found out was a Superintendent of one of the school systems present) came to me and posed the question, "Do you think you're great?" My natural reaction was, "I'm alright I guess", as we all chuckled. I mean who really comes out and says, "Why yes I am great actually, thanks for asking"? That's just pompous, obnoxious, totally void of humility, even if you do believe that of yourself...right? Well, after the uncomfortable giggling subsided she grabbed my hand, looked me squarely in the eyes and said.."Find an answer, an honest one. It's in you and when you discover it, never deny it". Surely she wasn't speaking of K.O.K.O. was she? That would just be weird. Keeping in mind that she's great to me, but who else would venture to think such a thing? For all the characteristics that make her intriguing she is also armed with eccentricities that make her a quirky, daredevilish, motley loner. Well, that was her point. I could discredit the K.O.K.O in me to my heart's content, but she's still great and she's still me....period.
It is imperative that as human beings on this earth we find our greatness. In turn, share that with the world, whatever the form we find it in whether it be through service, or creation, or nurturing the same in others. Dually, it is just as important to understand it and not allow things or people to make us negate its existence in all of us, no matter the scale. Never should there be a need to convince others of what God so diligently and precisely put in us. My K.O.K.O's philosophy is good, but this is better...2 Timothy 1:7-- For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. So to make a short story shorter, do not fear the greatness that is in's there for a reason;0).

-Kristen E. White, as K.O.K.O : )

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Every Queen must exercise her body,her mind... and her right to VOTE!

As the top two Presidential Candidates duke it out these last 48 hours prior to polls opening nation-wide, It is vitally important that every queen plan on casting their vote on Tuesday, November 4th 2008. If your state has early voting be sure certain to cast your ballot tomorrow to avoid any additional wait time, or problems that may occur on Election Day.

This election will change the life of every Queen, (past, present and future).Whether we elect our first African American President or our first woman Vice President, their policies and plans for America will change our lives drastically.Unless you are living under a rock, (which is highly unlikely living the life of a Queen) you have watched the debates, you have attended and/or watched the rallies, you have visited the candidates websites... Now is the time that you chose which candidate will present the best future for you.

If you have already cast your ballot, help someone else get to the polls, go door knocking for your candidate, Encourage those who are standing in the the long lines to stay in line by reminding them how vitally important their vote is. All of us live in the day of technology, therefore if it is easier for you to send a quick email, a few text messages then do so to spread the excitement and encouragement to get out and let their voice be heard as every Queen (past present and future) should.