Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flawless in Texas!

(Photograph property of Jo Goode)
No one can deny these ladies' radiance at this Holiday function! Nicole and Andrea continue to represent yourselves along with the organization in such a classy and flawless manner! We are certain you two were the talk of the town after this event. You both look lovely!

Isnt she Lovely!?!?

We would all like to proudly welcome our brand new
Miss Black DC USA Talented Teen 2009 Brianna Burnette !
We wish you the best at the 2009 National Pageant, Welcome to the Miss Black USA Family!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to our very own Miss Black West Virgina USA 2008!
We hope your day was filled with gifts of love and your closest family and friends!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to the entire MBUSA Organization, Staff, Queens (past,present and future), as well as our supporters!!!!! Merry Christmas Ms. Arringtson, Kristen and Everyone associated with the Miss Black USA Pageant!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A great Holiday Gift !!!

Our very own, continue to make us so extremely proud! Miss Black Maryland USA 2008 has just released a phenomenal masterpiece that every person striving for success should have in their stocking this Christmas Holiday!

"Who Do You Think You Are?" is a new spoken rain project in an inspirational line by Alisha Lola Jones with Protective Rain Productions. The project is inspired by a popular talk delivered by Alisha that examines this haunting question of our youth. This audio illustration empowers us to walk in our God-given authority and positive self-worth. A collaboration of message and music, the CD features production by jazz & neo- soul artist and Protective Rain CEO, AndraƩ Alexander and international
vocalist Angela Jones. This CD is available on the itunes --get your copy today!

Another Blessed Addition to the MBUSA Family...

We would like to say congratulations to Ms.Tamira Cole our New Miss Black Kentucky USA 2009!!! We are all certain you will have a blessed time at the National pageant. Continue to represent your state beautifully!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kristen is always at it!

This month our Queen was not only on the hilarious Television show House of Payne, she also traveled over seas, Only to return and be featured in Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine! The lovely issue has the one and only Michelle Obama on the cover EVERYONE should go buy a copy today!!! If you can not buy one, at least sneak into Walgreens and check-out Kristen, She looks just as Fabulous as usual! Kristen has truly been doing a great job representing the Miss Black USA Organization! If you have not checked out her blog, Your truly missing out! Her link is also featured here, underneath the must visit Websites! We all must send Kristen a huge HIGH FIVE ; ) for all her accomplishments thus far as our reigning Miss Black USA 2008!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Maya J. Williams, is our new Miss Black New Jersey USA 2009!!
Congratulations and Best Wishes at the 2009 Competition in Washington DC !!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

MBUSA Forum Correction.. :(

Shayna Rudd is Our Loved Miss Black PENNSYLVANIA USA 2009, Not Miss Black DC USA 2009. Apologizes to both parties! : ) Thanks to Ms. Arrington for catching the typo!
Shayna's Blog post now includes the correct information.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where Kristen Meets TBS!!!!!

Be sure to watch TBS on Wednesday, December 17th, Kristen's Episode of House of Payne will air for the world to see!!!!! If you have been living under a rock, and have never seen this show before you are sure to certain to enjoy every minute of it while trying to hold back tears from laughter! Kristen shot her walk on role weeks ago, and now we all will be able to see the Queen in action on National Television!!! Check your local listing for the exact airing time for the show!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gingerbread House fun!!!

A wonderful activity for a Queen this holiday season would be making gingerbread houses with children , whether it be in a class room, a church youth group, or even the Boys and Girls club! A simple phone call to the administration could grant you a enjoyable community appearance. Children love candy, they love hands on activities and it will result in a tasteful treat for everyone involved! This activity is fairly cheap if you can purchase the jumbo size bags of candy, a few containers of cake frosting and a few boxes of graham crackers. Its a guaranteed great time that we are certain the children will remember for years to come. Remember to take tons of pictures, wear your sash and have a great time!

Holiday Support letters!

During these tough economic times it can be very difficult and stressful preparing for a national competition, Despite the headaches , continue to develop new ideas of how to gain your community's support in your quest to become Miss Black USA 2008. This holiday season,when making your Christmas list ask Santa to bring you cash or gift cards. This will help you be able to begin purchasing your pageant week wardrobe, amongst the countless other items you will need during pageant week. Request gift cards from MAC or Claires ,as a delegate you will spend more money than expected on accessories and quality stage make-up. Another great idea is to send a Holiday letter to every one in your family along with family friends wishing them a happy holiday, and informing them that this holiday season you are seeking support in your pageant endeavors. If possible you should include a photograph of yourself with your crown and sash as well. Even if they are unable to contribute at this time they may be able to contribute before you depart for Nationals. Always keep in mind that the worst someone can say is no. In the words of our founder Ms. Karen Arrington "if you don't ask someone else will". Even in the worst situations it is just good to let people know you want and need this support both monetary and physically. Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Blog Spot Poll !!!

Every month, The Miss Black USA Pageant Blogspot has a new Quote of the month, and NOW we also have a Poll for every Queen to participant in!!! Bloggers can locate the new pageant poll right above the quote of the month ! Let your voice be heard on every issue pageant related right here on the Miss Black USA Pageant Blogspot, Cast your vote and review the results on our very first poll topic today!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Welcome to the MBUSA Family

Welcome to the Miss Black USA Family
Miss Black Talented Teen California USA 2009
Brittney Williams!!
Have a wonderful time at the National competition,
We are certain you will make your state very proud!

No-Slip Grip!

As expected, every queen will be packing dozens of classy stilettos for pageant week, whether they be for her interview suit, or her opening number attire! No matter where or what she is doing every Queen desires to avoid the nightmare plunge on a slick floor in front of crowds and gasping on lookers. A helpful trick to keep your strut on the upside would be to use the sandpaper adhesives on the bottom of all your pageant shoes!
These shoes help prevent slipping on wet or slick floors. They are quick and easy to apply and most of all they will fit and work on every shoe size no matter if the shoes are new or old. You can easily purchase a pair of these mishap preventers at your local shoe store like Aldo or Bakers for around $5.00. Majority of the time when you purchase a pair of shoes at any retailer, they will have a brand of No-Slip grips for sale, and may be cheaper when purchasing a pair of shoes, therefore it is a good idea to keep that in mind when your out shopping for all your pageant pumps!!!

Kristen is on the Move!!

Kristen looking as Fabulous as ever
during a interview with B.E.T's Big Tigga.
Thank You Kristen for representing our
organization so well this Holiday Season!!!

Last day to help our Arizona Queens !!

The Miss Black Arizona Organization is hosting a four day toy drive for the Keys Community!!!!

Our Very Own Miss Black Arizona, Brittanee Perkins, and Miss Black Talented Teen Arizona Rozan Latham will be delivering this precious gifts to the Keys Community Center Saturday, Therefore please help these ladies collect as many toys as possible by 4:00 today!!

They should be dropped off at the Miss Black Arizona office at 2907 N. Second Street Phoenix Arizona 85021 by 4pm today!

We would like to encourage Rozan & Brittanee to continue to serve their community in such helpful manners this holiday season!

Photo created by Jasmine Crowe Director of the Miss Black Arizona Pageant.

Welcome to the MBUSA Family

We, the Miss Black USA Family would like to give a warm welcome to
Miss Black Talented Teen Arizona USA 2009, Rozan Latham!!!! Congratulations in all your accomplishments! From everyone in the MBUSA organization, we wish you the best in the National Competition in July!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We hear wedding bells!!!!!

Congratulations are in order for Evette Fantroy Miss Black Iowa 2008!!!!

Miss Fantory was already an ordained minister of God, the Queen of her state, a college graduate, and now she will be a Wife as well! : ) From the Miss Black USA Family we would personally like to say congratulations! Next time the family joins again we will be addressing you as Mrs. Creighton. May GOD continue to bless you and your family.
PS. We all want invitations!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Catch Kristen Tomorrow !!! (December 2nd 2008) : )

Our very Own Kristen E White, Miss Black USA 2008 a.k.a Miss K.O.K.O herself will be on the syndicated Warren Ballentine Show on Tuesday, December 2ndfrom 11:00am to 11:45am (EST). If you would like to call-in or be a part of the show, visit their website at www.thetruthfighters.com and click on the listen live link.
Im certain she would LOVE to hear from past, present and future Queens! If for any reason you will not be able to listen to Kristen Today, keep her in your prayers as she continues to represent our organization in such a timeless and classy manner!

New Queens of South Carolina

Molesey Knox-Brunson has been crowned our new Miss Black South Carolina USA 2009, May GOD continue to bless you throughout the national competition!!!

Aisha Bellinger, Welcome to the Miss Black USA family
as the new Miss Talented Teen South Carolina USA 2009